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Three Consecutive Years!

Traditional Styles - Today's Concerns

Bullys, Abduction, Strangers, Self Defense and more. Our programs are broken down by age,allowing instruction to target the needs and skills of the student.

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Focus & Discipline

Students of all ages learn the qualities and benifits of focus and discipline in all aspects of their training.

Community Based Activities

NJ Martial Arts incorporates community driven activites to teach students the art of giving back.

Mental & Physical Training

Combining the best of both physical and mental training to develop a whole martial artist.

Traditional Syles & Modern Styles

Our martial arts academy offers focused training in multiple disciplines, with black belt rank earned individually in each.

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Since 1986
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About Us

The Academy:

Since 1986, it has always been the vision of Shihan Marvin Carmona to have his school be a multi-disciplined training academy. That is why NJMAA is not called "Carmona Karate" or "New Jersey Isshinryu". Our school has 'home grown' black belts in every discipline offered - Isshinryu Karate, Kendo (Japanese Swordsmanship), Kobudo (Okinawan Weapons), Yoshitsune Traditional and Combat JuJitsu. With the variety of independent disciplines, NJMAA is a true Budokan. In addition, students will enjoy the fast-paced, action-packed style of XMA - Xtreme Martial Arts and XGT - Xtreme Gymnastic Tumbling, created by Blue Power Ranger Mike Chat. Combined, these classes combine acrobatics, gymnastics, theatrics and dance with martial arts offering a very fun 'movie-style' martial arts.

NJMAA is in the top 1% nationwide of any style martial arts. We are one of the few full-time professional martial arts academies in the country. Owners Marvin and Kelly Carmona dedicate themselves full time not only to running their schools but continue to grow professionally well beyond your typical martial arts school. In addition to holding instructing certification straight from Okinawa, Japan, the Carmona's are also dedicated to continuing their education. They currently are completing their degrees in Exercise Science, and earning certificates in Personal Training.

The Carmona's:


Shihan Carmona was born in San Jose, Costa Rica in 1960. He came to live in the
South Bronx, NY when he was 7 years old with his grandmother and join his mother and
new sister. While living in the Bronx, Marvin would spend many a Saturday in the local
movie theater watching the Bruce Lee movie marathons. He would frequently run home
kicking garbage cans and watching for ‘attackers’ in the shadows.
It wasn’t long until he began training in Shotikan under Willy DeJesus for free. This kind
man taught Marvin and other youth in his neighborhood for free. Often he and the other
students would be seen training in bathrobes as there was no money for gis. His sensei
would run small tournaments, purchasing ‘trophies’ out of his own pocket and not
charging a dime. This was not only the beginning of his martial arts career, it was the
start of Marvin’s drive to give back to others and touch lives.

When Marvin came home one day wearing ‘colors’ from a made-up gang he and his
friends formed, Marvin’s mother quickly moved him to Dover, NJ. He trained for a short
time under Robert Murphy in Rockaway, NJ in the Isshin Shorinji Ryu Okinawan-te style
but it wasn’t long until he found his ‘home’ at Jersey Judo Karate in Kenvil NJ, training
under Shihan Dale Jenkins (IHOF 1990). Marvin remained with Shihan Jenkins until his
death in 1984. Marvin was the last person promoted by Shihan Jenkins before he died,
earning the rank of Ni Dan.

In 1986, Marvin opened his own dojo, North Jersey Martial Arts Academy and quickly
changing the name to New Jersey Martial Arts Academy. He chose the name
‘Academy’ because the vision for his school was big. And big it grew. After Shihan
Jenkins death, Marvin trained under Hanshi Nick Adler (IHOF 1988) thru the 90’s, and
under Hanshi William Duessel (IHOF 2000) to present. In 1994 Marvin became a full
time professional martial artist.

At the 25 year mark, Marvin is currently blessed with two active, full time professional
schools in NJ, with well over 300 active students. He has had a very successful career
in competing, winning multiple local and world grand championships. His dojo has been
honored with recognition by the IHoF as School of the Year (2009), Sensei of Sensei’s
(2010), and the Humanitarian Award (2011). He continues to travel, promoting Isshinryu
across the country.

In addition to studying Exercise Science in college, Marvin holds an 8th degree black
belt in Isshinryu, and multiple black belts in Kendo/Iado, JuJitsu, Kobudo No
‘commercial’ dojo here, only professionalism.

To email Shihan Carmona direct, CLICK HERE


Sensei Carmona is from Randolph, NJ where she has lived most of her life. A graduate of the College of St Elizabth with a BA in Business with a concentration in Accounting, and a minor in History. She currently is studying Exercise Science at the County College of Morris, where she also has a two year AS in Business as well.

The daughter of a CPA, Sensei Carmona earned her CPA licensure,and has been partner in two CPA firm,s unil 2003 when she went full-time at NJMAA. She continues to run a small tax practice out of bt schools. "I Kick Taxes" is her tag line.

For about 10 yeard, Sensei C has been an adjunct professor at County College of Morris from the mid 90's, teaching business, marketing, taxation, and accounting.

Community service is very important to Sensei Carmona. She is Past President of the Randolph Rotary club, and was honored with the prestegious Paul Harris Fellow.

She spent over 15 years total as a volunteer firefighter, and was the first female firefighter in Randolph Township back in 1982, paving the way for many who would follow. She worked her way up to the rank of Lieutenant and Captain before retiring for about 10 years while she had her children.

She also spent more than 25 years with the Morris County 4-H, both as a club member then leader of the Gaucho's 4-H Horse Club. She also was elected to serve on the Morris County 4-H Association, holding the positions of President and Treasurer thru the years. Sensei C was honored by Rutgers University in 1990 as the NJ 4-H Alumnai of the Year. Currently, Sensei C is a third degree black belt in Isshinryu and in addition to the business administration of NJMAA, is responsible for the Tiny Tiger (Ages 3 thru 5) ciricculum and instructor training.

Sensei Carmona leads NJMAA's community service activities, and successfully has incorporated community service as part of all Sho-Dan (Black Belt) and Sho-Dan-Ho (Jr Black Belt) tests.

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