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Welcome! Here you will find our New Student Information Center covering some of the basic "lets get started" things you may find helpful. If you have any questions - please don't hesitate to call!

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Focus & Discipline

Students of all ages learn the qualities and benifits of focus and discipline in all aspects of their training.

Community Based Activities

NJ Martial Arts incorporates community driven activites to teach students the art of giving back.

Mental & Physical Training

Combining the best of both physical and mental training to develop a whole martial artist.

Traditional Syles & Modern Styles

Our martial arts academy offers focused training in multiple disciplines, with black belt rank earned individually in each.

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Since 1986
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Video: How to Tie Your Belt (Obi)

Once you have your uniform in hand, then what? Many students (and parents) take quite some time to learn how to properly ties a karate belt. We ask students to take the time and practice this at home. Students should try and accomplish this on their own before they earn their yellow belt.


Character is an BIG part of our daily class lessons. Utilizing the POWerful Words Character Development Program by Dr Robyn Silverman, students learn character foundation. Each month students are asked to download and turn in the monthly homework project. Parents even have their own links to help reinforce these lessons at home.


Testing fees are a thing of the past. Students pay tuition to learn and grow. Many schools offer low tuition, but then add on a ton of hidden costs. Not at NJ Martial Arts. You never have to feel your student is being pushed along just to line the pocket of the instructor. Students promote when they are ready.


Each family at NJ Martial Arts receives access to our complimentary fitness gym located at our Headquarters facility. There we have treadmills, ellipticals, recumbant bikes, spin bikes, free weights, stack machines, smith machine and MORE! You must be at least 14 years of age, and members under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent at all time.


Our leadership team is designed to not only help develop students into strong leaders, the foundation of the program is based around community service. Our leadership team projects include the Hopatcong 9/11 Memorial, the Friends of the Randolph Animal Pound, the New Jersey Hurricane Sandy Relief Fund, Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure. In addition, the team maintains a Community Garden Project in Roxbury Twp on Lakeside Blvd, Landing.

Thinking outside the box

One question frequently asked is "How long will it take to earn a black belt?" The answer is, it depends. Junior students spend approximately 9 months earning each belt rank. They have three 'tip' testing cycles, then their fourth is a belt. Senior students average 5-6 years.

Our system is based on the Japanse grading, which is very specific when it comes to the minimum amount of time and age for certain ranks. Juniors for reasons that are both physical and mental are not permitted to earn the rank of Junior Black Belt (Sho Dan-Ho) until they are 13 years old. Senior black belts may be earned at the age of 16.

Once a student earns their Senior Black Belt, they have learned the foundations necessary to truly begin learning the martial arts. The friendships formed while training at NJMAA are bonds that last a lifetime. You may have a coach for a season, a teacher for a year, but our instructors become part of the support structure that creates strong, confident leaders who will succeed in life.

New Student Info Pack

NJMAA New Student Guide


Monthly Calendar

Each class at NJ Martial Arts is designed to mask repetition. Be it our Tiny Tigers class for ages 3, 4, & 5 or our Teen Adult program. Our easy to use monthly activity calendar helps you know when you need your fighting gear, weapons, street clothes, buddy nights and more. All our calendars and schedules can be synced with your PDA/Smartphone so you can always check 'on the go'



Class Schedules

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Birthday Parties Available!
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